1 Октября – вышел Эдэон-профи Бразилия на трех языках: русском, английском и португальском

2014 Oct, 1 – Edeon-Profi Brazil is released on three languages: Russian, English, Portuguese with 9-figured endbase.

SALE 50%!  http://www.infodamas.com.br
To order – email: vasily.naumik@gmail.com   and jjefferson_roque@outlook.com.br

2014 July, 24 – Edeon Brazil had released!

The sales start on 1 October 2014.

SALE 50%!

Before 1 November 2014 price Edeon Brazil will be $60
The price will increase by $5 each month, i.e. from the first day of the next month the price is $65, and so on, until it reaches $120

To order – email: vasily.naumik@gmail.com  and  jefferson_roque@hotmail.com

See the screenshots of Edeon Brazil below:

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