Connecting Large (50 Brazilian books) or the Small super base 10 Russian books, which can be downloadedHere.

Click Files (number 1), and then choose the format Edeona (edn) (number 2) and click 2 times on the file small superbase books (number 3)

Then press the black triangle (number 1) to open the window, in this window, click the icon under the (number 2) for fixing the books database in the minutes of the parties set the label «Filter by the current position» (number 3) and press to save the green check settings (number 4 )

Further, the parties in the minutes click «Settings» menu (number 1) and select «Field settings» (number 2). Put the label «Occurrence of the current position …» (number 3)
and press the green check mark to save the settings (number 4)

And there is this type of customized search «Protocol parties»

Consider what are the six objects are numbered from 1 to 6.
1. This number of permanent displays information from superbase books. To see this information, you must click on the figure the left mouse button
2. To play a new game with the connected superbase books
3. Press to return to the games played by the protocol
4. To view the books
5. Shows moves in the tree superbase books
6. The yellow highlighted current progress in superbase books