21/04/2016 New Edeon-Brazil miniatures released – endings and etudes and combinations. Вышла новая программа Эдэон-Бразилия миниатюры

21/04/2016 New Edeon-Brazil miniatures released – endings and etudes and combinations, which is built into the program Edeon-Brazil.

Prize 30 $
To order – email: vasily.naumik@gmail.com and jubaia1@hotmail.com
Main ideas:
1. Provide composers creative laboratory miniatures-endings, etudes and combinations (the number of pieces does not exceed 10 5 white and 5 black, in any combination of simple and damok with full coverage of all items.) Especially valuable is that you can set the number of moves to a single to win or draw.
2. To enable practitioners checkers players learn all the ideas in the endgame, etudes and combinations in a class of up to 10 pieces (5×5) significantly increase the class of the game by the built-in simulator training Edeon-miniatures. Game endgame without errors – it is really possible to bring to the automaticity.


3. To provide an opportunity to enjoy at the end of checkers books, sketches and endings in pdn format, these books also teach through the miniatures simulator, for example, books Cyric Z. Kukuyev N., E. Kondrachenko

4. Access to the class positions up to and including 4 figures (two white and two black in any combination) users Edeona pro is free, but access to all other classes for a nominal fee 15 $.
Here is an example of the matrix positions 2×2 Win (only common):

For example, take the top number of moves: 8, left in the column «The number of single moves» and take the number «8″ and get a 13 positions five only moves to win. And we can work with them: quickly browse, to train on the simulator once, enter the warehouse positions.

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